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Touch War 1.0

Touch War is a free action game for Android. Recruit the larger army and lead your country to victory! Tap the screen so collect more points. The points can upload so you can add these to total score of your country. The current rankings can be followed on the website touchwar.com.

Magic Color Balls


My first game - the Magic Color Balls - released and you can download and use it totally free.
You can see a review here: PlayAndroid.

The Magic Color Balls game is available now in the following languages: Hungarian, English, German and Russian. Special thanks mate and therefore Czopyk Translation Agency.
Their website: http://www.czopyk.hu
We would like to thank you for your help!

Review video by PlayAndroid


To download the Magic Color Balls strategy game for Android devices: click here!

Download from the Google Play:

Download from the FileDir:
Download Magic Color Balls / Android
Download from the SlideMe:

Get the Magic Color Balls Android app from SlideME.

The iOS, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry version coming soon...


The Magic Color Balls is a logic and strategy game. The goal is to remove as many balls from the board. At first seem simple, but it's not. :-)

The goal

The goal is to remove as many balls from the board. The perfect result when only one ball left but this is not always possible.

The rules

The balls may be mixed with colors. A ball with same color may be at same position only once. Only the basic colored balls can be moved. The basic colored balls: red, green and blue. If a ball crosses a field where the color appeared, then subtracted from the color. If a ball crosses a field where is the same color the crossed ball will be removed. An empty field you can put a ball while you move it over with one of the same or mixed color. If the target field is not empty and the color of the target ball different from the color of the dragged ball the two colors will be mixed. The balls can be moved in all directions but could not go through empty fields.